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Baby Safety

Your Baby is the most precious and valuable thing in your life. You have carried this little one and now you want to capture their beauty, so that you can treasure them forever. Safety is always at the forefront of my mind, and will never force a pose or rush the session. If baby is not settling, I will NOT proceed with a more complex composites poses.  One of the most important qualifications is the all about handling a Newborn and posing safely. It is skill that is necessary for a successful session. Its knowing how to exactly capture the very best images, with he best exposure, focus and composition, as well as the lighting and poses.

The session is baby led, don't be surprised if it last up to 4 hours. this is quite normal. We will go at the babies pace.

I am fully trained in Baby safety and Newborn Posing, along with qualifications in Advanced diplomas in photography and editing software. The practical training I have received is on how to properly pose a baby in the safest of manner, and on how Adobe Photoshop is used to enhance an image. For example, an image done as a composite (where baby is sat up in a swaddle blanket). Where the baby is warm and swaddled in many soft layers of fabric, but is always safely held in position by Mummy or Daddy during this particular portrait. The two images from capturing the Person holding the baby are then exported into Photoshop and combined to create the final image, where you will no longer see the arm/hand of the person supporting baby.

The approximate weight of a Newborn's head is 25% of their body weight. This means that Newborn babies are quite top heavy. When photographing a Newborn I use weights in the bottom of my props such as buckets or bowls, in order to counteract the weight of your newborn baby's head, so as to reduce any possibility of injury.

​Any composite poses, I will ask you to assist, so baby is not left at any risk.

​All babies skins tend to be dry and flaky. Please don't attempt to remove, put oil or cream. if required, I will smooth and remove flaky skin in post production time.

Temperature is another factor that I take seriously. Your newborn cannot regulate their own temperature and will be spending a lot of their time in the their nappy or naked. This means the studio needs to be really warm. Please dress comfortably, layers is a good option so you remove if you get to warm.

The most important part of my job is to capture the very best images, in comfort and safety.