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What days is Cora James photography open?

Weekdays Monday to Friday. Sessions start at 10am for Newborn shoots, times are allocated for all other shoots. I hold 20 sessions a month.

How do I pay?

On the booking session page, you can pay by PayPal link or via Ping it App, card at the session via my mobile card machine or bank transfer.

​On arrival of the session , you can pay the balance by card, or cash. Alternatively, you can pay by Pingit App, this is a very simple and secure method of payment. If you don't have the APP, it is free, quick and easy to download it on a smart phone or tablet. You simply type Cora James Photography into the App and pay.

How Long does it take?

​Newborn - up to 4 hours, depending on the Newborn settling

Maternity - 1-2 hours

Baby & Older - 1-2 hours

​Lifestyle Family - 1-2 hours

Newborn FAQs

​When is the best to book my session?

Shortly after your 12 week scan, as this is normally when you get your due date, but please do call me if you are requiring something immediately.

What if my baby comes early or I go over on my due date?

​I keep a 4 week window around your due date, 2 weeks early and 2 weeks late, that covers most eventualities.

When is the best time to have my Newborn photographed?

​From day 5-12 day is the best time, although I do shoot up 14 weeks. To get some squishy and curly amazing shots.

Can my other children attend?

​Yes, I ask any other sibling that wants to be a part of the shoot, to come along during the last 40 minutes of Newborn session. The reason I ask for the siblings to attend at the end of the session is that we need to have baby in as quiet an environment as possible and it would be a long time for the sibling to wait around. If both parents want to included this would be a Lifestyle Newborn shoot.

What do I need to do prior to the Newborn session?

Wipe the little ones face and body, this will help take off any flaky skin or talcum powder that maybe still on his or her skin.  If you can feed baby 2-3 hours before the shoot, and again upon arrival this helps baby's tummy be nice and full and ready for another nap. Don't worry if baby feeds frequently, this is one of the reasons for the length of the session. Both of my children were quite greedy little things whilst breast feeding..

What should I bring to the Newborn session?

If you are bottle feeding, please bring along more bottles and milk powder than normal, as little ones tend to feed more during the sessions and it also helps to settle them. Babies find comfort in their own personal smells, that could be their own blankets, mummies or daddies T-shirt etc., This is very useful to bring along as it will help baby settle throughout the session. Some good things to bring are pacifiers, a change of clothes for yourself (if you're going to be in the photos holding a naked baby you might get tinkled or pooped on. I will also ask you to hold baby for some of photo styles), some extra nappies and any special blankets or toys that you want included in the photos​

What does the session involve?

​Don't be surprised, to hear the session can sometimes last up to 4 hours long, depending on baby.  Babies definitely rule the roost. Not every baby will want to be posed, or sleep, I go at your babies pace.I will have variety of props and backgrounds in which will be used during the session. I only shoot one session a day, making my time constraints less pressured, enabling me to focus on your little one. The studio will be warm, as its important to keep the little one at the right temperature, please wear something comfortable.

Babies temperature?

Your newborn cannot regulate their own temperature and will be spending a lot of time in nappies or naked. This means the studio will be very warm. please come with layers you can take off, as you will become warm.

What if my Newborn baby does not sleep during the session?

​If you follow the tips I will discuss with you during your consultation phone call, where your baby is fed, warm and content they should fall asleep. If not I will use some of my soothing techniques, to help settle the little one. It may take awhile, this is why the sessions can take up to 4 hours. I will never force a pose as their safety is my number one priority. Babies do rule the session, and I work at their pace. if the baby does not want to sleep during the entire session, and we can not get the poses we want, you will be invited back free of charge. So Relax and enjoy.

What if my Newborn Baby has a toilet accident?

​Don't PANIC, its Very NORMAL.. and to be expected. Your Baby is naked on most images, so we do expect the little one to wee and poop occasionally! It adds to the memorable fun of the session. :)

I have seen a particular photo on your gallery that I like, can I have something similar or can I bring along some props of my own?

If there any pictures that you have seen that you would like me to replicate, please let me know beforehand. During the consultation call is a good time. If there is anything in particular that you want to bring along to the session, such as a family heirloom, you are very welcome to do so.


Bump to Baby  FAQs

When's the best time to book?

​Around your 12 weeks scan, when you have firmer idea of due date. Sooner the better.

When is the best time to have the Maternity Photo session?

To show Bump off at its very best, between weeks 32-37. It just depends on how big you carry. I was relatively big at 25 weeks!  

What do I need to wear for the shoot?

​I will advise you during your consultation phone call, however if there is particular style you are aiming for, then please let me know.  Your shoot is bespoke and styled to your taste, comfort and modesty. A variety of clothing is essential to give you different style options on the day, some suggestions below can capture nice images. Nude shots are simply stunning.

​Some suggestions; Men's white button sleeved shirt, Sexy lingerie, Jeans, fitted long maxi or dress, white or black always look amazing. I used a laced white table cloth and a very long see through curtain net, and black boob tube with a black long skirt when I had my own Bump photoshoot done. This shows off your fab bump in style! Wellies, shorts and open shirt look fabulous too! Its about getting creative and the strangest of items can really make a big difference.

​Wear loose clothing on the day, as you don't want to have underwear line's.

​Prepare your Makeup and Hair prior to the shoot, and you can touch it up along the way.

​Where will the photoshoot take place?

​It all depends on the look you want to go for, either the at your Home with Backdrops and in your favourite corner of the house, whether that is in the bedroom, or near a beautiful window. You also have the choice to have the shot on a desired location. If you require both, to give a varied look. Please let me know as there is an additional charge of £15. After the home photo shoot we can move on to a location setting for example fields, meadow, woods, park or your favourite retreat etc.

​Can my partner attend?

Yes of course

Please see newborn session information FAQs​​


Lifestyle Photo Shoots FAQs

Lifestyle shots allow you to document life as it happens, cherishing the moments forever.  Lifestyle sessions are based upon capturing natural daily moments and events, reflecting your personality and style. This type of shoot is tailored to your requirements, its about your unique family and whichever setting you choose.

​Who can attend a lifestyle shoot?

​Mummy, Daddy & children, or with your new arrival and possibly the dog too... This is about your family and wanting to capture those moments that you want document forever.

What is the difference between a Newborn session and Lifestyle Newborn session?

​Lifestyle sessions will be taken either in your own home environment or on location of your choice. The shoot is capturing the very natural moments of  your daily life and personality. Where as the Newborn shoot will be taken in a studio environment, with specific props and poses. Lifestyle sessions are best suited to babies of one month and older.

Where is the Lifestyle Photo Shoot taken?

​Depending on the style you want, whether that is in your own home or on location, I will accommodate to your requirements.

Outdoor shoots are of your choice, that could be a beautiful woodland, hills, streams, moors, parkland or simply in your garden.


If you prefer, Indoor shoots in your own home. Capturing moments in the kitchen are great fun, baking with the children, or all relaxing on Mum & Dads bed. This is about you and what you like to do best in your own environment.

​If you are looking for a portrait, set in landscape setting, whether this is for your Business, or just capturing moments of you for a someone special. This is is easily achieved. We can discuss what you want to achieve from the shoot to help you capture the best portrait look you are seeking.



What do I need to bring?

​You are welcome to bring any props, toys or something you may want in the photos to make it extra special. This could be a favourite Teddy Bear, doll, wooden toy, or a sentimental toy from the past. I like to use a variety of designs, this can be nude shots, but covering the parts we don't need to see. This great for sitting babies. I have few various props and backgrounds to help along the way. I suggest keeping the clothes you want the little one to wear to be neutral colours, so your images last fashionably forever. I suggest you bring change of clothes/ this could be wellies, hats, even a good old fashioned set of  pyjamas looks great. outdoors is fantastic to get a real range of colours and style of photos. Think what you want to get out of the shoot..

Please see Newborn session and lifestyle session information for further details.


All Landscape Images are available to purchase. Whether that is for a picture or cards. Please contact me to discuss.

I will mostly likely upload photos onto my Facebook page, as well as my website to showcase my latest work. If you would like to be tagged into the photos, please let me know.

If you have other questions, please contact me and I will answer your questions.