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My name is Elizabeth, and I am a Lifestyle photographer.  I live in Cheshire, close to the borders of Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire, so I can cover quite a large area.

I photograph



Family lifestyle and Portrait


Small intimate weddings



Continuing my love for Photography, I have found my ultimate passion in capturing and creating the precious images of the miracle that you helped create and bring into this world. There is something remarkable about capturing from the stage of pregnancy to
newborn, babies and older children. Timeless images that you will love and cherish forever. ​

​Newborn babies have such a unique allure in their first few days of life. My job is to capture those beautiful moments of your newborn baby, and maybe one day they will be able to share their moment with their future wife or husband and possibly even their own children.

I am a mum of two scrumptious children, Cameron James and Aurelia Cora Elizabeth, who are funny, passionate and loving as I am. They are my constant source of everything, including paddies and tantrums, to sleep deprivation, but most of all my inspiration and my constant need to better myself. They complete me. In fact I named the business after each of their second names. I'm very sentimental like romantic hero is Mr Darcy, in fact I think I have met my Mr Darcy, my soul mate, my forever after, my love of my life boyfriend.

(Yes I'm a total Jane Austen Fan!)

I'm a total Jane Austen/Romantic Period drama fan. I still cry watching ET. I prefer not to share my chocolate, even with my children. I love a Cadbury's Twirl, in fact my son has to hide the chocolate in our house (although I still sniff it out and then replace it and pretend I know nothing about it when he offers the chocolate to me)

I have trained in photography, but I found my passion for Newborn photography following the birth of my daughter, then my interest in capturing images of beautiful Newborns became an obsession as well as a passion.  It wasn't too long before I received my first client... and my business was born.

​I love shooting Lifestyle images of real moments in family lives, special occasions, producing very candid images. I have another sneaky passion, that I take to on weekends, and that is capturing natural Landscapes. This is where I leave in the early mornings and just drive in my car finding stories of old trees, off beaten tracks, and wildlife in the mist of everyday life. I just love photography!


I am fully trained in Baby Safety and Newborn Posing Photography. I have Diplomas in Photography, Wedding Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop and I also have an Advanced Diploma in Photography, all resulted in Distinction.. You will find lots of useful information on my website. My studio is home based with all the necessities you will need. I have a variety of cute little props and backgrounds to choose from. If you have any questions, please contact me via the contact page.

​I hope you enjoy looking at the Gallery and I look forward to meeting and working with you soon, Elizabeth x