Cora James Photography


Mini sessions are designed to condense my skilled work into a short sessions that will capture you up to 10 images at a very small price. I believe that Photography should be expressed to capture the moments in your life and should not be out of reached cost to those who want to simply create a ever lasting memories at a lower cost to suit.

This is how it works

You pay for the exact same quality, style as  you would expect from a larger shoot.

Mini shoots are condensed into separate shoots each week of the month at different locations to suit your geographical area.


Family portrait

Seasonal themes

Baby/Tub shoots

Outdoor Location shoots


There will be a limited number of 21 slots available, commencing at 9am, 10.00am, 10.10am, 10.20am, 10.30am, 10.40am, 10.50am, 11.00am, 11.10am, 11.20am, 11.30am, 11.40, 11.50am, 12.00 noon, 12.10pm 12.20pm, 1.00pm, 1.10pm, 1.20pm, 1.30pm, 1.40pm, 1.50pm.
The photos will be provided on a CD-R or D...VD-R (Please specify at the point of order), which will include the copyright, so you will be able to print as many images off for family and friends as you like.  

To book

Cora James Photography Facebook page simply comment by stating; your name, how many children and your requested timeslot or simply phone me on 07852582632 (please ensure that someone else hasn’t already requested it by checking the other comments or asking me to ross check when you phone me).


Marple Bridge Woman's institute every Thursday. 9am - 1pm.

1st Thursday of the Month - Family portrait/children shoot

2nd Thursday of the month - Maternity shoot

3rd Thursday of the month - Seasonal shoot

Last Thursday of the month - Baby/Tub shoot


Every Saturday outdoor, Location Mini shoot

Family lifestyle, children and maternity shoots

Start from 10 AM with last shoot at 1.50PM.

1st Saturday of the month - Broadbottom

2nd Saturday of the month -

3rd Saturday of the month - 

4th Saturday of the month -  

Dress code

The choice is yours..


All images will be placed on a CD-R which will include full copyright, so you will be able to print or download as may times as you want and share with family & friends.



Session fee to be paid upon booking time slot of £10

PayPal - Cora James photography

Bank Transfer -

Ping it Barclays


Package 1

3 Digital images provided on CD-R at a cost of